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Glen's Online Community


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So good to see you once again

You are one of the priveleged few to stumble into this neck of the woods. You will be forever indebted to me when I share a few of my favourite things with you.


OK now pay attention

Ear candy: Tool, Kool Keith, Meshuggah, Rush, Wu- Tang, Slick Rick, The Mars Volta, S.O.A.D., Led Z, Primus, B.R., Circle Jerks, R.A.T.M., A Perfect Circle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, The Vandals, Melvins, F. No M., Alice, Black Flag, Pennywise, Lamb, Aphex Twin, King Crimson, The Smiths/Morrisey, Misfits, The Cure, Rammstein, Pigmy Love Circus, Jay Z, At The Drive In, Bowie, N.I.N., Mr. Bungle, Lovage, Corrosion of Conformity, Replicants, F--lure, Blahzay Blahzay, Sabbath, Boot Camp Clik, Tony Touch, Hank Rollins, Prince Paul, De La, Tribe, Brand Nubian,  Big L, Jeru Da Damaja, Del, Layer, Hiero, Kweli, M.O.P., Gangstarr, Tones, Lusk, Volto, Aloke, that new p damour group, Danzig, Laundry, Devo, Squarepusher, Supernova, Lucy's Fur Coat, S. of it all, Face to Face, Clutch, Buddy Rich, Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, The Dwarves, Yes, Floyd, Sharon, Lois, and Bram.
Artists: Escher, Basquait, Szukaslsi,  jones, Dali, Griffin, Glennn, Chet, and Sweet Camella.
Some programs actually worth watching on the tube or plasma: Kids in the Hall, Tales from the Crypt, Oz, Mr.Show, sports.
And on the big screen: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil, CO, Res. Dogs, P. Fiction, Casino, Goodfellas, Dead Man, Cheech and Cng, Crash, SF, Faust, The Crow, Carrie, The Ninth Gate, Rsmry's Baby, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, DVDA, U Turn
These teams go well with beer: All Toronto pro teams, Penguins, Devils, Wings, Avalanche, Lightning, Islanders, Warriors, Blazers, Jayhawks, Patriots, Kings (hockey), Dodgers, and Chiefs 
Favorite food: I only eat gum (because it keeps me full for 7 years) and the seaweed that they wrap sushi in.
Crazy Snowboarders: Rice, Terje, White, Jones, Romain, D.C.P., Kass, Gints.
Freakishly good skaters: K6, Way, Mariano, Rodriguez, Arto, Rowley, Salabanz, Cole, Reynolds, Allie, Thomas, Mullen, Daewon, M. Johnson, and Tony 1 and 2.

Things I might be caught doing

Graffiti art, Boarding, Reading, Ring, Ring, Ring


Thanks to my parents, brothers, extended family, and friends


More to come soon. Touch base often. Products for sale in about a week.






Tool Music

Great skate and snow videos for free (check out the Travis Rice contest run)

DC's online headquarters

Burton Snowboard Company/ Top drawer equipment

More of the same

My School





My abstract art will be gracing your screen as soon as I buy a digital camera

The veggie burger costs more than the Big Mac.

I saw this band play twice in Toronto.
This album is a ten straight through. Even hip hop and electronica fans should appreciate this.






saw him in t.o.

Drop me a line @ the link below -- if you are so inclined